SmartX : Time and Attendance System


1500 Fingerprint template capacity & 50000 transaction storage

Gives instant access for Attendance Reports to company's single or mutiple location(s) through a single web portal


30000 Card capacity & 30000 transaction storage

SmartX is a Web based Time and Attendance System integrated with an efficient Payroll System to cope up with the demands of time conscious corporate world.

The system offers improved security by automatically managing access at entrances with a flash of a card or a finger scan. Keeping track of employee’s attendance is vital to the efficiency of any business. SmartX’s attendance system allows companies to manage, monitor and produce reports of employees’ attendance. It not only saves time & paper work but also leads to error free and timely calculation of employee payroll. It is a flexible system with vast capacity and ability to expand to meet the needs of organisations of varying types and strengths. SmartX is a fully online system eliminating need of installations at various locations. All the company branches can be monitored through a single website.
In addition, SmartX can be integrated with an E-Purse system for handling internal cash based payments within the organisation’s campus such as canteens, gymnasiums and libraries. SmartX can also be integrated with Loyalty programs.


  • Supports mutiple company locations
  • Easy to use web based software for centralised monitoring
  • Daily attendance tracking and instant reports
  • Monthly summarised reports such as hours worked, payable days, leave & holidays
  • Leave applications & approvals
  • Monthly payroll generation & salary slip download

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Netmon : Network Monitoring System

This is a web based system for monitoring machines in the organization's network. Netmon checks the connectivity of machines on the network periodically. As soon as a machine in the monitoring range goes down, Netmon sends alert in the form of SMS to the person/people in charge. For e.g. A particular network engineer may be alerted when one of the servers is down for a particlar period. The objective is to reduce the downtime effectively. Priority of machines, monitoring interval etc can be configured. System provides statistical reports for uptime/downtime analysis.

SMS Management System

This is a web based system for sending and managing SMS alerts. The system is useful to those companies/banks who need to send info to their customers on certains events.

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