RFID based inventory control

With Interconnect's RFID solution, inventory can be updated automatically without the requirement of scanning the product or any human involvement. Our fully automated system allows inventory status to be determined and shipping & receiving documents to be generated automatically. The system can also trigger automatic orders for products that reach re-order quantity level.

Benefits of using RFID based inventory system:

  • Provides total asset visibility
  • Gives full inventory history
  • Allows reduced inventory-stocking levels
  • Facilitates "Just-in-Time" deliveries
  • Provides full process control for products in the facility
  • Reduces lead-time
  • Shortens cross docking time
  • Speeds up sort/pick rate
  • Reduces shelf space
  • Provides higher-level security
  • Reduces errors
  • Reduces overall cost of operations

Customer information systems for banks

We also offer CIS (Customer information Systems) for banks. These systems include services like balance updates on mobile phones and transaction history on emails and mobile phones.

The system is easy to use which allows the back office to configure the accounts with the options selected by the customer. The system then automatically sends messages either through SMS or through emails at the interval chosen by the customer.

Advantages of CIS:

  • Convenience and saving of time for the customer
  • Add on facility at low cost leads to customer satisfaction
  • Time spent on attending customers with balance enquiry is reduced
  • Cost of printing and handling transaction statements gets reduced
e-purse solutions

Interconnect specializes in providing smart card based e-purse systems for cash-less transactions within organizations. These solutions are applicable to places like schools, colleges, offices, clubs and many more. The electronic money loaded on the card can be used for payment at various points within the organisation such as canteens and libraries.

The system integrates all the cash collection points and settles the e-purse amount between various services at those points. It can be customized to adopt the business rules specific to each organization.

Advantages of e-purse solution:

  • Reduces cash handling and accounting problems related to cash
  • Automatic settlement eliminates time required for reconciliation
  • Can be integrated with Attendance and Payroll systems to have a common card working for multiple purposes.
Web based ERP Solutions

Interconnect, with a vast experience in web technologies has now developed a web based ERP solution.

One of the core requirements of an ERP system involves sharing and exchange of data within various entities of an organization. A web system is ideally suited for this as sharing of information is the base of any web application.

We provide a low cost web enabled solution, which can run through intranet or even internet thereby having no geographical bounds.

The system runs on licence free platforms. Hence comes at a very affordable price.

Advantages of web based ERP solution:

  • Less Infrastructural cost
  • Convenience of data sharing through internet/intranet
  • Minimal installation time
  • Locations at any geographical distances can be integrated
  • Runs on OpenSource Systems, so the solution is stable and low cost
  • Integration with Point Of Sale (POS) and supply chain management systems
  • Integration with Payroll and HRMS systems
  • Integration with Access Control and Time & Attendance systems
Web site with Content Management

An essential need of web sites is to have the contents regularly updated thereby giving information which is fresh and upto date.

Interconnect, combines excellence in web technology and database management to provide its clients with a web site that is managed and updated by the client itself.

Advantages of Web Site with content management:

  • Dynamic web site with client being able to modify the contents
  • Integration with payment gateway enabling customers to buy online
  • Ideal for organizations in retail business
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